Presidential Volunteer Service Award

STEMpower She is currently a PVSA Certifying Organization! This means that STEMpower She volunteers will be eligible to receive the Presidential Volunteer Service Award should they meet the requirements set by the Award Program.

To be eligible for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award:

  • Volunteers must be a U.S. Citizen OR permanent resident (such as a green card holder)
  • Service hours intended to count for the PVSA in the 2023-2024 school year should NOT include hours earned during the 2022-2023 school year, ending June 2023.
  • Volunteers who have been removed from the organization or reprimanded for inappropriate conduct will NOT be eligible to earn the award via STEMpower She.
Hours Required to earn a PVSA award
Age Group Bronze Award Silver Award Gold Award Lifetime Award
Teens (11-15) 50-74 hours 75-99 hours 100+ hours 4,000+ hours
Young adults (16-25) 100-174 hours 175-249 hours 250+ hours 4,000+ hours

Can I transfer hours from another organization?

If you are volunteering with multiple organizations including STEMpower She, hours earned with other organizations can be transferred towards earning the Presidential Volunteer Service Award through STEMpower She. You would need to request that the other organization(s) certify your period of service with them. We generally ask that volunteers who wish to transfer hours from other organizations commit to volunteering at least 1/2 of their REQUIRED award hours with us. If you do not meet that requirement but would still like to transfer service hours from an outside organization, please reach out to us directly.